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I've been playing EverQuest II for years and it's one of my favorite games. The world of Norrath is incredibly immersive and the characters and creatures you encounter are incredibly detailed. The quests are varied and interesting, and you can customize your character to your heart's content. The combat is challenging and rewarding, and there's an amazing amount of content to explore. Overall, EverQuest II is an excellent and highly addictive game that I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a unique and engaging experience.

Everquest II is one of the best MMORPGs this side of WoW. Made in 2004, it has since become free and can still be played by people who want a great online experience.
The players create their avatars, in-game characters, selecting one 25 available fantasy races, different classed, join one of the available guilds and go out to explore a vast open world created by the developers. It's pretty standard when it comes to gameplay, but only because the Everquest series laid the genre's foundations. There are various quests available with different reward and experience gains. The literary and world-building aspects of the game are exceptionally well-written, which helps players have an immersive experience. Of course, there is monster slaying, treasure hunting and interaction with other players, crafting, etc. In order to diversify the activities, the developers divided character progression into sections - fighting monsters only increases combat abilities, whereas crafting and healing are improved by corresponding actions in-game, thus avoiding gameplay and story segregation.
One of the greatest features of Everquest II is the ability to buy in-game property such as houses, shops, etc. This creates a whole new layer of gameplay, and many online games followed in Everquest's footsteps.

After a decade of success, expansion and growth, EverQuest II is now one of the most complex, fun and addictive online games in history, still popular enough among gamers young and old.

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James Lynch
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  • Vast open world
  • Interesting gameplay
  • Years' worth of updates and expansions


  • Graphics are now obsolete


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